Visual Art Lecture

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. But this guy's work sounds pretty interesting.

His name's Don Ritter. He was born in Canada, and is currently based in Berlin. He creates large-scale interactive video and sound installations using all sorts of new media. He just got done doing a work for the Cultural Pavillion at the Vancouver Olympics. He's in Regina Saturday night to talk about his work at 8 p.m. at Neutual Ground (203-1856 Scarth)

Ritter's exhibited throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Check out the talk if you get the chance.

Pick of the Day: The Wolfman

There's a big gig tonight at the Exchange. Having had their label Young Soul Records recently sign a distribution deal with EMI (DogBlog), and with a new album due out in April, Library Voices play a farewell show before heading to Vancouver to play four showcase gigs at the Olympics. Read more about the band in the preview James Brotheridge did in the Feb. 11 issue of prairie dog. And good luck to them. Regina needs a band to break big to start putting the scene here more on the map.

There's also a fundraiser for a new theatre company that Rob Ursan and Andorlie Hillstrom, the driving force behind Do-It-With-Class Young People's Theatre, are forming called Golden Apple. It's being held in the spacious lobby area of the T.C. Douglas Building and will feature a performance by Kyle Golemba of his humorous salute to Canadian musical theatre Making Love in a Canoe.

At O'Hanlon's Pub, Kleins96 (Harvest King Records) are headlining a gig that also includes Divorce Gun and the Savants.

But I decided to go with the opening day for the much anticipated release of this remake of the 1941 Lon Chaney horror classic The Wolfman. Quite apart from the chills it delivers, the story's loaded with socio-cultural significance. Apparently, the guy who wrote the original screenplay for Universal Pictures (Curt Siodmak) was Jewish.

I'm no expert on the Wolfman legend. But I believe that a person who is inclined whenever there is a full-moon to feel the irresistable urge to transform into a hybrid human/lupine creature has a pentagram inscribed in their hand. A pentagram bears a pretty strong resemblance to a Star of David. And as a metaphor for demonization, persecution and otherness, a "werewolf" is certainly potent. Here's the trailer (YouTube)