Is this the Bruins' year, I wonder? They finished first in the East, and demolished the Montreal Canadiens in four straight. (CBC Sports)

Six in the Morning

1. HOW DEPRESSING: You wouldn't know it when you see the way Regina city council is throwing the cash and rosy outlooks around at their budget meeting, but according to the IMF, this is the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. And now that the IMF has said it... well.. it must be true. (Globe and Mail)

2. GOVERNMENT SUPPRESSED ASBESTOS STUDY: According to an expert who worked on an asbestos study in 2007 -- which is now only available thanks to Access to Information laws -- he believes the Harper government tried to supress the report. (Globe and Mail)

3. WHOOPS WE DID IT AGAIN: The RCMP now say they're sorry for lying to the public --- er, sorry, they're calling it "giving wrong information" now -- in the wake of the Dziekanski slaying. (Globe and Mail)

4. BC NDP SUPPORTED CARBON TAX.... IN 2007: The BC NDP have been doing a little spring cleaning on the many websites they maintain. In the process they removed a reference to their support for a carbon tax at their 2007 part convention. (DeSmogBlog)

5. GROUP CRITICIZES REGINA SCHOOL BOARD BUDGET PROCESS: RealRenewal, a Regina group fighting to protect the city's school system, has come out swinging at the school boards budget process, saying they're dismayed by the lack of transparency. (LeaderPost)

6. ANOTHER EARTH FOR EARTHDAY: Scientists searching for extrasolar planets think they may have found one that's nearly Earth-sized. (Yahoo News)

Happy Earth Day

Not everyone is in the mood to celebrate today, apparently. (Toronto Star)