A Wall I Can Get Behind

Maybe this is something we should think about doing? (Onion News Network)

The Most Courageous People At The Regina Anti-Prorogue Rally

Two very friendly and polite young people who are far, far braver than the government they support.

The Regina Anti-Prorogue Rally

Protest the Prorogation Today

Today, Canada-wide protests against the prorogation are happening. If Harper's decision to shut down parliament has made you angry, you can vent some of that frustration starting at 1pm on Scarth Street Mall.

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Today's Saturday morning cartoon's theme is that of the great and mighty shark.

First up is a lame 1976 cartoon from Hanna-Barbera called Jabberjaw.

Jabberjaw is another of Hanna-Barbera's Scooby-Doo and Josie and the Pussycats knock offs that they liked to pump out. It's 2076 and Jabberjaw is a talking great white shark who is also a drummer in a band full of humans.

In the 1994, in an attempt to cash in on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze, DIC Entertainment came up with Street Sharks. The story has four brothers getting turned into half shark / half human crime fighting creatures. They dislike pizza though and say lamer catchphrases like "jawsome". Ugh.

Pick of the Day: Spanish Flair/Behemoth

If there are any Reginans out there with a love of both Classical and Heavy Metal music, they'll be in a bit of a quandary tonight.

At Connexus Arts Centre, the Regina Symphony Orchestra is presenting its Masterworks concert Spanish Flair with guest artists violinist Raymond Ko, soprano Sophie Bouffard and the South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra playing works by Bizet and other Latin composers. Then at the Exchange you've got Polish metalmeisters Behemoth (pictured), with Shining and Septic Flesh in support.

Bummer, eh? Two kick-ass shows, but they're on the same night, so if you're a fan of those two admittedly diverse genres you can only catch one.

Mind you, it could be worse. How? Well, if you happened to be a Classical/Heavy Metal fan who was also a country music buff you'd be forced to choose between three gigs -- the above two, plus Alan Jackson and George Canyon at Brandt Centre. Talk about a dilemma, eh?
Mind you, again, it could be worse. Just imagine for a sec that you were a Classical/HeavyMetal/Country music fan who was also into hip hop, then you'd have to chose between four gigs -- the above three, plus a special early show at the Cathedral Village Freehouse featuring Regina's Def 3 and Vancouver's Moka Only.
Visual art fans, meanwhile, can check out the opening of Lyndal Osborne's show ab ovo at the Sherwood Village Branch Gallery at 2 p.m. Curated for the Dunlop Art Gallery by Catherine Livingstone, it explores the idea of seeds and seed banks. Look for a review in an upcoming issue of prairie dog.