Russian Roulette and your Hoagie

I generally regard Macleans' columnist Paul Wells and Globe and Mail editorial writer Adam Radwanski as the left and right forks of the Canadian political establishment's tongue. Wells is more annoying to me because he's an elitist twerp, a graduate of the University of Western Ontario (but I repeat myself) and fills his Macleans' blog with references to jazz performers. Radwanski, in comparison, is a Toronto Argonauts supporter -- a figure more to be pitied than scorned.

So when I read their latest separate blogs, there's a little bit of 'I-told-you-so,' combined with a feeling that these gomers are just discovering what we in prairie dog already knew -- that there's only two sides to Stephen Harper and his minions: the devious and the incompetent. These guys couldn't run a beer stand in a baseball game in Hell.

Wells' analysis of the Harper government's failure to hold an investigation into the listeriosis outbreak is here: Radwanski's is here. Both are required reading for anyone -- ANYONE -- who sincerely thinks Harper's government has any idea about what governments are supposed to do.