Conway endorses Beck for School Board

Might seem a little incestuous to be posting a press release from a long-time prairie dog columnist without any kind of follow up, but you could also argue that you don't get to be a long-time prairie dog columnist unless you're worth reading. So, here's John Conway's just released announcement of his support for Carla Beck's run for a spot on the school board.


For Immediate Release: July 2, 2009
18 year veteran Trustee John Conway endorses Carla Beck for Public School Board

A great many people have expressed regret at my decision not to run for another term as Public School Board Trustee for Subdivision 5. They have also asked me who I think would do a good job carrying on the fight for quality public education in Regina.

I was delighted when Carla Beck announced her intention to run as a candidate for Trustee in Subdivision 5. I have known Ms Beck for many years and have been most impressed with her active engagement in public education issues in the community. She has not just been engaged as a concerned parent of two children currently in the system, but has provided strong leadership encouraging wide public engagement in the urgent issues of public education that come before the Board.

Ms Beck is active in the leadership of the School Community Council at Connaught, serves as a public spokesperson for the RealRenewal group seeking needed improvements to the Board's 10 year school closure plan, and works hard to develop community engagement in important issues like the Walking School Bus initiative. Finally, Ms Beck has made it clear that she is committed to saving our small neighbourhood schools as the foundation of Regina's K to 12 system.

I have heard Ms Beck make public presentations to the Board, and noted her comments when interviewed by the media, and have always been impressed with her knowledge and grasp of the issues, and her clear articulation of the options and choices before us in public education.

Ms Beck's professional background as a medical social worker working with women and children, and her extensive community activism and deep community roots in groups working to make Regina a better place by helping those in need, will serve her well in an important leadership role in public education in Regina.

I know that Carla Beck will approach every issue that comes to the Public School Board table with the same question I always asked myself as a Trustee: "What is in the best interests of our children?" A Trustee who takes such an approach can always be counted on to stand up for our children, and to work hard to fulfill our obligation to provide the highest quality education possible.


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