Visuals Of The Greenpeace Banners Because CBC Doesn’t Show Them

I'm trying to figure out why CBC put a really boring picture of tiny people on a roof on their site, and buried the story way down at the bottom of their page under the headline "Police break up climate protest on Parliament Buildings."

Sure, we didn't vote for Greenpeace, but most of us didn't vote for Harper either.

Here now is a video from the Canadian Press, that actually shows the "giant banner" mentioned in the CBC story:

(EDIT BY EDITOR STEVE: Carle's video appears to be broken but here's a link that should work.)

Tsk Tsk.

Six In The Morning: Copenhagen Edition

The conference to save humanity from man-made* environmental catastrophe has arrived. Are we going to screw it up? Oh, probably. Here's what's happened and happening.

1 CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE OPENS And the climate clock has ticked to zero. (New York Times)

2 WAKE THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE Fifty-six newspapers share the same editorial. Because the issue is actually that important. Here's the unprecedented editorial and here's the story behind it. (Toronto Star, Guardian)

3 CANADA SUCKS A recap on of our nation's climate crimes. (Globe and Mail)

4 PLUNGE IN THE POLLS? Environment could be a weak spot for Tories, says pollster. (The Hill Times)

5 GREENPEACE MAKES A POINT Activists are arrested after they climb Parliament and unfurl banners. (CBC)

6 CALGARY CORPS PASS ON COPENHAGEN It's politics, not business, say oilmen. Plus yeah, they'd get really, really yelled at. (Calgary Herald)

*A sexist phrase that's true in this case. Down with penises!

Pick of the Day: A Vinyl Cafe Christmas

Since April or so the esteemed editors of prairie dog and Planet S (Stephen Whitworth and Chris Kirkland respectively) have been doing a regular guest-spot on CBC Radio on Friday afternoons between 4-4:30 p.m. where they brief listeners on stuff they think is worth checking that weekend in Regina/Saskatoon. It was that gig, in fact, that semi-inspired me to start this pick-of-the-day thing in late September.

If you've never heard Steve and Chris in action, here's some rare video footage of one of their studio appearances (YouTube). With my pick today, I'm technically featuring a colleague of theirs -- although not really, because they don't actually work for CBC --Stuart McLean, host of the venerable CBC Radio program A Vinyl Cafe. He's at the Conexus Arts Centre tonight at 7:30 p.m. for his annual Christmas show. Featured musical guests this year are Matt Anderson and Jill Barber. I saw the latter last November at a Regina Folk Festival-sponsored gig. So to get you in the spirit, here's Jill's video for "Oh My My" off her 2008 album Chances (YouTube)