Six In The (Late) Morning

Here's your random cocktail of news nibbles for the day. Read the short blurbs, click on the links and expand your horizons with these incredible facts of our time.

1 CANWEST ON VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY Yikes. Then again I'm not sure the Asper family losing control of CanWest would be bad for journalism in this country. (Globe And Mail)

2 NO CANCER ALLOWED IN OUR WORKPLACE A cancer patient scheduled for mastectomy is told by her apparently piece of shit employers that she just resigned from her job--much to her surprise. (Toronto Sun)

3 NORTH DAKOTA'S ABORTION MELTDOWN A couple of days ago the Republican-controlled North Dakota house voted to declare that a fertilized egg has all the rights of a person. And now the state senate has passed a bill saying that abortion clinics have to post signs to remind woman that no one can force them to have an abortion. (Daily KOS, MSNBC)

4 HE CAME, HE CHARMED, HE LEFT Obama visits Canada and meets Stephen Harper and eats some beaver tail. (Toronto Star)

5 SORRY YOU WERE OFFENDED BY OUR UNINTENTIONALLY RACIST CARTOON The New York Post apologizes for a bad political cartoon, sort of. (Guardian)

6 LEAFS LOSE IN SHOOTOUT Tough night for Toronto Maple Leaf lovers who saw their team fall 4-3 to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Nice night for Canadian Jackets fans, though. Hee hee. (Columbus Dispatch)