Rider Rumbling

As much it pains me to write this, Edmonton could be emerging as the team to beat in the CFL West this year. Certainly, for fans of a certain vintage, the Esks qualify as the Riders' most bitter rival. Five straight playoff matchups between 1972-76, along with Edmonton's subsequent dominance which saw them, at their peak, win five straight Grey Cups between 1978-82, and not miss the playoffs for 34 years from 1971-2005, does allow the emnity to build. But really, which teams in the CFL West don't Rider fans hate?

In the late '60s and early '70s the Stampeders were the Riders' most bitter rival. They hit hard times from the mid-70s to early '90s, but since then have enjoyed a reasonable amount of success. And consistent with the city of Calgary itself, no team comes off as being more arrogant and boorish when they do get the better of the other team. Which fortunately hasn't been as often as it could have been as they do have a tendancy to shit the bed when the pressure is on.

When the Riders were in their heyday from the mid-'60s to mid-'70s the Lions were putrid. They didn't play in a single Grey Cup between 1964 and 1983. But under Wally Buono, who most Riders fans regard with disdain because of his insufferable prickishness, the team has become the Riders' current most bitter rival. Again, five straight playoff meetings between 2004-2008 can do that.

Anyway, the next four games will go a long way to determining who will finish first in the West. This week and next, while the Riders and Bombers play, Edmonton and Calgary lock horns. Then the Riders hook up with Edmonton for a home-and-home series Sept. 20 and 26.

Friday Afternoon Kitty!

From, and yes, I'm sorry, icanhascheezeburger.com.

(Thanks to Friend of Dog Blog Peakay.)

Hail To The Chief! (or: Congratulations! It's a Girl!)

Lynn Acoose has been elected Chief of the Sakimay First Nation. For may years Acoose was a cultural mover and shaker on the Regina arts scene as an artist, arts administrator, curator, writer and creator. She is the first woman to become chief of Sakimay.

Yay Lynn!

Farewell, "Batty"

Here's an update to this compelling story from yesterday. Last night around 10 o'clock I released "Batty" into the wild. Prairie dog freelancer and fellow Regina Press Club member Carle Steel assisted and documented. I set the shoe-box down on a bench and removed the lid. "Batty" was confused at first but after some wing-stretching he (or she) swooped at my head then flew three loops before spiraling into the night.

Goodbye "Batty" and good luck. You are very cute and everyone will miss you. Except all my co-workers.

Six in the Morning

1. LEADER POST OUTSOURCING AD JOBS: Our local daily has announced that it will be moving advertising production jobs to India and the Phillipines. It's unknown as yet how many people in Regina will be put out of work as a result. (CBC)

2. COMMUNITY ACTIVIST RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD: Cindy Anderson will be running for a spot on the Regina Public School board in division 4. As a community activist who's been opposed to the current board's school closure plan, Anderson acted as a spokeswoman for the Committee for Community Renewal which tried to keep Rober Usher Collegiate's doors open. (Leader Post)

3. TORIES APPEALING KHADR DECISION: The Supreme Court of Canada will hear the Harper government's appeal of a ruling that it must seek the return of imprisoned child soldier, Omar Khadr. (Globe and Mail)

4. NET EMPLOYMENT RISES SLIGHTLY: Canada added jobs in August while the US unemployment rate continued to rise. The boost in employment here is attributed to more people getting part time jobs in the service sector. Hmmmm.... Back when times were good I kept hearing how full time jobs were being replaced with part time. Now that times are bad, same thing. How much longer until we're all greeters at Wal Mart I wonder? (Globe and Mail)

5. ASTROTURF BUSTERS LAUNCH HOTLINE: A coalition of groups are launching a hotline in the hopes of uncovering further evidence of deception by corporate lobbyists. The Polluter Fraud Hotline (1-866-363-4648) is for whistle blowers who know of instances of illegal practices or attempts to wilfully mislead American politicians. The coalition -- which includes the American Association of University Women (AAUW), National Wildlife Federation, NAACP, and Center for American Progress Action Fund and Sierra Club -- was formed after it emerged that among the tactics currently in use by coal lobbyists is to impersonate some of the very non-profits that are in this coalition. (Desmog Blog)

6. CLIMATE CHANGE PROTESTERS TO BE SENTENCED: At the same time as it's reporting that summers in the Arctic are the hottest in the last 2,000 years and that Africa is being devasted by a series of droughts, the Guardian reports that the 22 climate change protesters who hijacked a coal train are expected to get heavy community service sentences later today.(Guardian)