Six In The Morning

1 TAXPAYER'S FED CALLS FOUL ON TAX-FREE SMOKES In a cascading collision of unintended ironies The CTF whines about taxes that aren't being paid at First Nations gas bars from their comfy tax-basher offices located on land that belonged to indiginous peoples until European immigrants negotiated for said land in exchange for treaty rights such as tax-free status. Jebus Christmas. (CBC)

2 SOMETHING UP? Conservative MP Andrew Scheer is in Regina and (I quote from the press release) "will make an announcement that will benefit Regina and help stimulate the local economy." It wouldn't be something big and good-newsy on a Friday afternoon before the weekend, would it? We'll send someone to the YMCA press con and report back before Friday beer.

3 MUNICIPALITIES MEET Sask association meets in Regina to discuss rats, gophers and...Round-Up Ready Canola? Does Monsanto know their evil little GMO seeds are being besmirched by SARM? (Leader-Post)

4 ABORTION ACCESS ISSUES IN SASKATOON? Complaints that the de facto 12-week deadline is too early a date to draw the line. (The StarPhoenix)

5 OKAY, OKAY, WE DID IT Under threat of spousal deportation, Falcon's folks agree to plead guilty in the "Balloon Boy" hoax. (Toronto Star)

6 KHADR CASE IN COURT TODAY Read all about it. (CBC)

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