Hockey in June

The upcoming Stanley Cup final rematch between the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins has the potential to be a great series. I just wish it wasn't starting on May 30. (Nomad)

The Most Expensive Beer In Canada

...is in Alberta.

Canoe.ca reports that a boost to the province's liquor taxes has made Alberta beer as much as $5 a case (of 12) more than other beer.

Why the tax hike in Conservative country? Because Stelmach's government wanted more revenue from booze. Well geez, maybe they shouldn't have privatized it then. In fact, as the article says:

"The government that helped push Alberta to the lonely peak of prices refuses to discuss the impact on customers -- people who once naively believed liquor store privatization would lead to cheaper suds.

Although in fairness the article also blames minimum wage hikes and the cost of aluminum for Alberta's high-priced pints so I'm not sure there's a coherant economic analysis here. The minimum wage comment just seems like a cheap shot. And everyone knows REAL Canadians don't drink beer from, shudder, cans.

Then again these are Albertans, not Canadians, we're talking about.

So who has the cheapest beer? Good old Manitoba. Hey--don't they have an NDP government there? I'm so disillusioned.

Six In The Morning

1 STADIUM SECRETS The Saskatchewan government has a report on stadium options, but they ain't sharin' it yet. Not even with Regina's Mayor. But that's cool. 'All in good time,' says everybody. (Leader-Post)

2 CTV SABOTAGED DION: BROADCAST STANDARDS The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council says the network was wrong to show unflattering parts of an interview with the former Liberal leader. (Toronto Star)

3 GM BANKRUPTCY PLAN DETAILS Shareholders could get more shares than under the deal they rejected. Phew! (New York Times)

4 CANADA PEDDLES NUCLEAR ASSETS Okay, I skimmed this quickly so maybe I missed it, but isn't the word "privatization" missing from this story? Is this a case of a shaky, soon-to-be-out-of-office government bringing in private companies just in time for them to snuffle up profits from two new reactors, and a pending deal with India? Your guess is as good (probably better) than mine. But I think we can all agree that a public-private partnership would be best for Canada's nuclear sector because that way government can eat the losses while industry snorts up the profits. What better way to make an already troubled technology worse? (Globe And Mail)

5 NORTH KOREA KEEPS FREAKING EVERYONE OUT U.S., South Korean troops are on high alert. Yikes. (Guardian)

6 SMOKING BAN STARTS FRIDAY We'll all have to quit smoking on the can at work. Tragic, truly tragic. (StarPhoenix)