Pick of the Day: Two Hours Traffic

I previewed this gig in the Sept. 24 issue of prairie dog. It was kind of a last minute assignment so there was no time to track down anyone from the PEI-based band for an interview. I gave their 2007 Polaris Prize-nominated CD Little Jabs a listen when it was released, but I don't think prairie dog received a copy of their 2009 CD Territory. If we did, somebody must have bogarted it before I could give it a spin. I did listen to the disc on-line though while I was writing the preview.

Joel Plaskett produced both albums. Two Hours Traffic don't have his song-writing chops. But they don't produce pop fluff either. Here's the video for their song Jezebel. (YouTube)

Joining Two Hours Traffic at the Exchange tonight are the Danks (YouTube) and Spiral Beach (YouTube). So overall, a pretty strong bill.

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James Brotheridge said...

I did a long review of the album for the dog.

If I were to redo that interview today, I would probably be even more positive than my already-positive review was. Territory isn't as instantly catchy as Little Jabs but has subtle charms.