This Week at City Hall

Monday, October 5
City Council (5:30 pm): Considering a motion from Councillor Browne to have staff look into how to make the current parking regime function better. Also hearing reports from staff on abuse of residential garbage receptacles and on the city's bike path system.

Tuesday, October 6
Finance and Administration Committee (12:15 pm): Looking at the sale of some North Central lots to Habitat for Humanity and at the 2009 External Audit Planning Memorandum.

Wednesday, October 7
Regina Planning Commission (4:00 pm): Considering a street closure of a road on the west side of the Creeks development. Also looking at the rezoning of lands to accomodate Phase 4 of Harbour Landing. Paratransit Advisory Committee (5:30 pm)

Thursday, October 8
Environment Advisory Committee (5:30 pm): Considering meeting times for 2009 through 2010.

As alway you can download full agendas and reports on the city's website.


ColReid said...

You know, with the Council election coming up, I find myself wanting to make an informed choice but have no idea where to begin. Council elections are the worst; every campaign feels like "vote for me because (1) I want you to, (2) you did last time, or (3) I'm not that bastard who tricked you into voting for him last time". As little substance as there is left in Provincial and Federal elections, you at least have some idea of what you are going to get because of the party banners. At the lower levels, there is no official party affliation allowed and that removes one level of understanding where a candidate stands. I mean, we know that Fiacco uses Larry Schneider as a mentor, who ran as a Tory once, so you can connect the dots there without even LOOKING at what the guy has done while in office (which just makes it that much more obvious). But the rest of the council we don't all know so well. And never mind the non-incumbent candidates. So, I ask, Prairie Doggers, might you be so nice as to dig us up some info on (A) the voting records of all the councillors and school board members and (B) the platforms / philosophies / unofficial affiliations of those same folks and the people running against them? I mean, loyal readers know all about where John Conway stands, but a lot of people in the races are giant question marks for a lot of us out here. Which is probably why so few people bother to vote for these things.

Paul Dechene said...

I think we'll be doing something on the council election in the next issue (not the one going to the printer tonight but the one coming out around the 23). There should be something on all the candidates in there.

To that end, which municipal issues do you think should be important this election?