Six In The Morning

1 THE IRAN NUCLEAR SITUATION: A 'SPLANATION The Guardian's Julian Borger lays out everything you need to get a handle on the situation. (Guardian)

2 MISSING AND MURDERED WOMEN REMEMBERED Regina mourners hold a candlelight vigil in Victoria Park. (Leader-Post)

3 INSANELY CUTE LITTLE DUDES RELEASED INTO WILD 34 epically-adorable black-footed ferrets were released in Grasslands National Park in southwest Saskatchewan Friday. It's an attempt to get the highly endangered species back on solid footing. Get it? "Footing"? Black "footed" ferrets? Ahhh, you're no fun. Also, these wiggly little rascals eat the crap out of prairie dogs. But, SO CUTE!!! (CBC)

4 FREEDOM = POISONED BY BEEF Oh, that country to the south of us. Some poor woman ate an e-coli-tainted burger and now she's paralysed. Good thing beef inspections are voluntary and not mandated by government, though. That'd be socialism! (New York Times)

5 NOT TICKLED BY IVORIES Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff likes Harper's piano playing, doesn't like his track record on culture. (Toronto Star)

6 FORTY YEARS AGO THINGS BECAME QUITE SILLY The greatest comedy troupe in the history of the universe celebrates a big anniversary today. Have a video! We'll post one every day this week.

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