31 Days of Horror: The Signal

The horror genre is littered with low budget independent films. 90% of these movies are complete and utter crap. But every so often somebody comes along and makes a masterpiece. In this case it's actually three directors - David Bruckner, Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry along with producer Alexander A. Motlagh who have managed to create a smart, effective and horrifying low budget movie.

The Signal was made for only $50,000 and shot over 13 days. This 2007 film is told in three chapters or transmissions. Each director takes a turn directing one of the chapters. Despite each chapter being told in a different genre: pure horror, black comedy and thriller-love story, the movie isn't all that disjointed. Everything flows together - it's one movie that you are watching instead of three short films.

The movie opens with a cheap looking horror movie - the kind that are prevalent for the low budget horror genre before the movie switches to the real film. The story is simple. On New Year's Eve there is a signal that is suddenly being broadcast on every TV, radio and telephone. And it's driving people crazy. Not just "What's that annoying noise?" crazy, but irrationally, murderously crazy. Within this is the story of a married woman who is having an affair. She is about to run away with her lover when the signal hits causing chaos everywhere. The film follows her journey along with her husband and her lover within each of the chapters.

Despite the low budget, the cinematography is amazing, the acting is brilliant and the gore effects are quite realistic. There's a scene involving a head in a vice grip that looks pretty authentic.

This is an amazing low budget film that deserves wider recognition.

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