Today In Ridiculously, Stupidly, Beautiful Graphic Design

Wow, I love this stuff
. Some dude has designed a retro-looking faux-book cover poster series for several of the biggest Web services. They're so gorgeous, just looking at them I feel like my face will melt faster than that Nazi's in Raiders Of The Lost Art. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty. The Youtube cover is probably my favourite, although the colour red works best with this style, to me.

I found this on Boingboing, Cory Doctorow's spectacular uberblog. You can buy work by this graphic designer here. His name's St├ęphane Massa-Bidal, his handle's Retrofuturs, and I think I'm gonna break out my credit card now.


Dakota said...

Clearly this post has incited one of the grandest nerd-offs ever to grace the Dog Blog.

Stephen Whitworth said...

One can only hope!