Six In The Morning

1 OUR ROUGH CITY The psycho who tore off a woman's toe with pliers has been sentenced to three years in jail. Between that and the two kids who burned a slain teenager last week, it's been a brutal stretch for Regina. (CBC)

2 GIVE THE CHAIR TO THE MAYOR WITH THE HAIR Rosie, who is bald, blogged this yesterday after a report on CJMA radio; today the Leader-Post has a story on Mayor Pat Fiacco's speech about the provincial government's rotten decision to scrap the new revenue-sharing formula.

3 POWER STRUGGLE IN ALBERTA? The chief executive of a private company says the province colluded with private companies to charge Albertans for unneeded power lines, all without approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission. Are the Imperial Alberta Conservatives in trouble? Ruh-roh! (Calgary Herald)

4 LET'S ALL KILL, KILL, KILL THE OCEANS Climate change is dangerously increasing ocean acidity. This could and probably will be catastrophic for the planet's food chain. If you or anyone you know is running around denying climate change, stop it/demand they stop it right the fuck now. Ut! I said NOW. (Guardian)

5 EUROPE'S BIG ATOM-BASHER The Large Hadron Collider is now officially the most powerful physics machine in the world. Booyah, Europe! (New York Times)

6 HEADLINE OF THE DAY Obama Accepts Nobel, Defends War. (Salon)

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