Six In The Morning

1 POOR COUNTRIES WALK OUT OF COPENHAGEN Then walk right on back in. At issue: what rich companies owe the planet for all those years of pollution. (New York Times) I don't get the rich countries' resistence--isn't "you broke it, you bought it" a basic rule of capitalism?

2 CHRISTIAN BIGOTS INSPIRE GAY-BASHING UGANDAN NITWITS And then, the so-called Christians delicately back away from the imminent gay genocide they'll have helped create. Forgive me for not applauding. (Guardian)

3 STOP PICKING ON PANHANDLERS Regina's administration will recommend that the City's tag day bylaw shouldn't be used by police against panhandlers. Couldn't agree more. (CBC)

4 DAMN YOU, LIECHTENSTEIN How could you help wealthy Canadians hide their money so they wouldn't have to pay taxes? Is it because the first three letters of your name spell "lie"?

5 MEANWHILE IN GREAT BRITAIN There's an ongoing inquiry about the Iraq war investigating if prime minister Tony Blair lied and misled Britons into a bogus war they didn't want. (Guardian) Much like the inquiry in the United States about Bush and Cheney and co.'s Iraq war lies. Oh wait, they don't do that kind of thing in America. Republican presidents are allowed to run the country any way they want. Right. I forgot.

6 PRIVATE FITNESS, PUBLIC FACILITY Good, informative article by Joe Couture in the L-P about a fitness trainer whose Fieldhouse boot camps were cancelled by the City. No scandel, not much drama between the two parties but a good case study of an issue: to what extent should private businesses get to use a city facility? (Leader-Post)

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