More Coming from Climate Pranksters

Here is Margaret Matembe from the Ugandan delegation responding earlier today to the announcement that Canada would be bringing forward aggressive, new carbon emission targets.

As we noted before, that Canadian press release was a hoax.

So is this press conference with the Ugandan delegation.

There was also a hoaxed article from a hoaxed Wall Street Journal website, hoaxed articles on other hoax media websites, and a press release from the Canadian government denouncing the first press release as a hoax that was itself a hoax.

It's a twisty knot of hoaxery. Here's the Globe and Mail to sort it all out.

It's looking like the Yes Men are behind all these hi-jinx and they're promising more for tomorrow at 13:00, Copenhagen time.

It's been a bad day for Jim Prentice. Here's hoping tomorrow will be worse.

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