Prank Shames Environment Minister

Earlier today, news came from Jim Prentice's Twitter account that the environment minister would be announcing bold, new emissions reduction targets. A press release was up on an Environment Canada website and a Wall Street Journal website confirmed the story.

The announcement was reported in many international news outlets.

Problem: it wasn't Jim Prentice's Twitter account. And, it wasn't a real Environment Canada website and it wasn't a real Wall Street Journal website. The announcement, the targets, all of it, were a hoax forcing minister Prentice's office to announce that, no, Canada will not be bringing new, bold targets to Copenhagen. We will be bringing the same lame-ass targets you already know about because we suck.

The merry pranksters remain anonymous but the whole thing seems very Yes Men inspired.

Elizabeth May is calling the stunt, "damn clever." Here's the full story from over at the Globe and Mail. Here's the press release that started all the hullaballoo.

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