This Week at City Hall

Wednesday, November 18
Executive Committee (11:45 am): Considering at the Servicing Agreement Fee rate for 2010. SAFs are the fees charged to developers to cover the cost of providing and maintaining municipal infrastructure (sewer, roads and the like) into new subdivisions. For 2010, developers can expect to pay $227,289 per hectare if the new rate is approved.

The committee is also considering the Recreation Infrastructure Canada Fund Contribution Agreement -- by passing this (assuming I'm reading this right) the city will officially be committing $1,000,000 to Douglas Park improvements... the provincial and federal governments have already committed $750,000 each to this project.

The committee is also looking at some proposed changes in language to the Appointment and Authorization of City Officials Bylaw so that it will accurately reflect the administration's new organizational structure.

And finally, the committee is considering the Harbour Landing Borrowing Bylaw -- this will codify the infrastructure "debt" the city owes to Dundee Development. As it was explained to me, Dundee has already begun construction of infrastructure in the Harbour Landing subdivision. Normally, they'd pay servicing feed to the city to have those installed but now, instead of paying servicing fees, the value of the infrastructure they've built will be deducted from the servicing fees they should have been paying.

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