Rosie LaRose’s Top Six in the A.M.

PRETTY VACANT Carrie Prejan became an internet sensation after a) competing as Miss California in the Miss America beauty pageant b) denouncing gay marriage on the Q&A part c) stripped of the Miss California title (no, not THAT stripped) and d) with acting like a Church Lady, becoming a darling of the American right wing movement. Until now. It turns out that she made at least eight sex tapes (radar.com) before discovering the pageant circuit. Apparently, gay marriage isn't acceptable: getting breast implants in Jesus' name is (HuffPo). Don't recall learning that in Sunday School ...

THE FIRE SALE STARTS IN FOUR, THREE, TWO … The result of the Sask. Party spending spree over the past two years makes me think of disaster capitalism – and if there isn’t a disaster, make one. Bill Hutchinson is denying that the Saskatchewan government is in Stage Two by saying Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw aren’t for sale. (L-P) My advice to SIGA: wait.

SEE WHAT A LITTLE BOOKLEARNING WILL GET YA A ten-year-old kid in Arkansas says he won't recite the Pledge of Allegiance with the rest of his class at school because the government won't grant equal rights to gays and lesbians, and the notion of 'equal justice for all,' therefore, is a lie. And he won't tell a lie. (Progressive Puppy) Smart kid. The odds that the school district, the Christopunks in the playground, and the Faux News Network will conspire to make his life a living hell are, what, even? Just kidding. (hat tip to Red Tory)

SO WHAT IF ATLAS SHRUGGED? Ayn Rand is one of those so-called thinkers who have influenced everybody from Allan Greenspan to Neal Peart, usually for the worse. Johann Hari reviews two new biographies of the woman whose amphetamine-fuelled humanity-basking exercises made her the darling of the neo-conservative movement, and how her political system is more like Marxist-Leninism than her boosters let on. (Slate)

FEAR FACTOR The American government is planning to bring the alleged chief conspirator behind 9/11 to New York for trail, which has set off the American conservative moment, who are saying he shouldn’t be brought into the country for a court date. Well, if the rule of law can’t be brought against someone who breaks the law, then the terrorists have won – by the government conducting itself like terrorists. (Attackerman)

INSERT DIRK DIGGLER SMART-ASS REFERENCE HERE What the …. Well, I don’t know anybody that would be wearing these, unless it was someone trying to hide their colostomy bag in their pants. (Revolving Clothing)

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