Pick of the Day: Vader

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin is in town today to speak at a Regina Chamber of Commerce luncheon on the subject of Aboriginal Education. That's definitely a worthwhile topic. and I know that a ton of RCC members are faithful bordering on fanatical readers of this blog, but I'm in the mood to do a bit of head bangin' tonight. So I'm gonna go with the Polish death metal band Vader who are at the Exchange tonight along with Decrepit Birth and Warbringer.

Vader have been shredding metalheads world-wide since 1983. If memory serves, Poland was kind of going through an upheaval around that time as Lech Walesa and other activists in the country were throwing off the shackles of Soviet tyranny. And no, the accompanying photo isn't intended as dig against Vader. According to Wikipedia, they actually do take their name from Darth Vader. You know Josh Homme's band Eagles of Death Metal? Well, apparently Homme first came up with the phrase after a friend played Vader for him as part of a campaign to turn him on to death metal. He described them as "the Eagles of Death metal". Later, he decided that would make a neat band name.

To help loosen up your neck muscles for tonight's gig, here's the video for Vader's song "Sword of the Witcher" which is apparently inspired by the books of Polish fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski.


Anonymous said...

GREAT SHOW.. if only my vehicle didnt get broken into afterwards....

Gregory Beatty said...

Glad you liked the show, sorry to hear about your vehicle. Pretty sad comment on society when a person can't even commune with fellow metalheads without worrying about their car being broken into.