Six In The Morning

1 TWENTY YEARS LATER It's been two decades since the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the cold war. The Guardian has a special section on the notable anniversary, including this great photo gallery from whence I nicked this pic.

2 U.S. HEALTH REFORM STILL PASSED It's true. In case you missed it over the weekend. Good news for the estimated zillion Americans with no medical insurance. And here's something fun: Roman Catholic bishops lobbied hard to make sure abortions would not be publicly funded. Because people who are opposed to abortion for religious reasons should get to boss everyone else around. "Yay" separation of church and state. (New York Times)

3 HOORAY HOORAY FOR BYELECTION DAY Four ridings are up for grabs today. Will the Tories win one? They might! How exciting! (Exciting = horrible). (The Globe And Mail)

4 STELMACH STICKS Alberta's Premier holds onto his job. (Calgary Herald)

5 LOWEST OF THE LOW One low-income Regina neighbourhood only had 14 per cent voter turnout in the civic election. (CBC)

6 SOME FOOTBALL TEAM DID SOMETHING SPECIAL Thirty three years between first place finishes and worth the wait, says everybody. (Leader-Post)

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