Seven In 10 Canadians Don't Think Through The Little Details When They Answer Surveys

According to this poll (Leader-Post), most Canadians think it should be mandatory to observe two minutes of silence on Remembrance Day.*

So I guess that NOT being silent would be, what's the word...compulsory?

So, it would be...against the law to talk?

Just checking. Good to know my fellow Canadians appreciate all these "freedoms" our soldiers supposedly die for.**

*Yes, I read the article, and I realize that the poll was probably skewed because 54 per cent of respondents have relatives in a war.

** Yes, yes, I recognize that the article does a good job of pointing this out. I like the one veteran's quote: "We don't need to legislate this. We need to remember our soldiers have fought for freedoms -- freedom of the press, freedom to enjoy the Olympics or the freedom to protest them, and the freedom to observe two minutes of silence." But come on, SOMEBODY around here has to belabour the point. And if not me, then who?

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