Pick of the Day: Vertigo Reading Series

I don't think the title of this reading series is meant to be taken literally. If you drop by Aegean Coffee & Tea tonight at 7 p.m., it's not likely that you'll be swept into a dizzying votex and lose your lunch (pun intended). Instead, what you will be treated to (again, pun intended) is readings by Canadian authors.

The puns stem, by the way, from the fact that one of the authors who will be reading is prairie dog's esteemed dining critic Dave Margoshes. He's got a new book of poetry out called The Horse Knows the Way, and he'll be reading selections from it. Joining him at the podium, or mic, or whatever the set-up at Aegean is, will be Catherine Owen, David Carpenter, Betty Jane Hegerat and Dee Hobsbawn-Smith.

I couldn't find any video of these authors in action, so here's the trailer for the classic 1958 Hitchcock thriller (poster above) to whet your appetite. And as an added bonus, here's the video for U2's song "Vertigo" (YouTube) And as a third bonus, look for one of our patented multi-faceted cover features on the state of SaskLit and the upcoming Saskatchewan Book Awards in our Nov. 19 issue.

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