Wednesday Afternoon Critter: Stoner Edition

I so miss the glory days of the National Film Board. The venerable federal institution has over 13,000 films on their site just waiting for you to light up a doobie and hit download. This isn't one of them.

But this one is. Go figure.

embed src="http://media1.nfb.ca/medias/flash/ONFflvplayer-gama.swf" width="516" height="337" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" autostart="false" autoplay="false" flashvars="mID=IDOBJ3&bufferTime=10&width=516&height=337&image=http://media1.nfb.ca/medias/nfb_tube/thumbs_large/2007/carton-squirrel.jpg&autostart=false&autoplay=false&showWarningMessages=false&streamNotFoundDelay=15&lang=en&getPlaylistOnEnd=true&playlist_id=REL3&embeddedMode=true">

1 comment:

Vanda Schmockel said...

I think this should have been listed under the categories "abuse of animals" "cute science".

By the way, I'm poaching that spiders on drugs clip and posting it to my facebook page.