Pick of the Day: The Alice Nocturne

I'll have more on the Globe Theatre's Sandbox Series in a Pick of the Day post next week. But The Alice Nocturne, which opens on the Globe's main stage tonight, has its roots in a Sandbox project from a few years ago that Joey Tremblay initiated called Fusion.

Suffering from writer's block, Tremblay assembled a group of young Regina theatre artists and, with Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland and Frederic Chopin's Preludes & Nocturnes as inspiration, he worked with them to improvise a story about a day-dreaming young woman and various adventures that she embarks on. In January 2008, a one-act version of the play, which is set in Edwardian times and is infused with a vaudevillian sensibility, was performed as part of that season's Sandbox Series.

Now developed into a full-length play, The Alice Nocturne runs at the Globe until Oct. 31. I don't provide this link for comparison purposes, as the parallels are bound to be slight, but here's the trailer for Disney's 1951 animated version of Alice in Wonderland. (YouTube)

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