Rosie LaRose’s Day-Late Bonus Top Six At … Whatever The Hell Time It Is, Whitworth Doesn’t Have Teething Toddlers Screaming For Advil At Three A.M.

Note: you can read today's official Top Six here. This bonus post makes up for my scheduled Tuesday post, which I, Stephen LaRose, shamefully missed.

1 THE BOSS SAYS GOODBYE Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band closed their latest tour with performances at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands, New Jersey.
He wrote a song for the park (brucespringsteen.net), which is facing the wrecking ball sometime next spring (Wikipedia.) Jimmy Hoffa was unavailable for comment, as you’d expect.

2 PUT IT ANOTHER WAY … Giants Stadium is being torn down, making way for a new stadium. Giants Stadium is the eighth oldest in the NFL: in the CFL, it would be the second-oldest, after the Skydome. But with the new Cowboys Stadium,
there are NFL owners who want their cities to build them new pleasure domes, even though they haven’t paid for the old ones yet. (Field of Schemes). Think about that during Regina’s upcoming domed stadium debate.

Whitworth uses the same principle to call prairie dog writers to editorial meetings. (HuffPo)

4 PLAYING QUARTERBACK JUST LIKE A RINIG’ THE BELL … Check out Stephen Brunt’s latest column on Kerry Joseph.
The former Rider Most Outstanding Player, who led the Riders to their Grey Cup victory in 2007, took a hard tackle to the head during Saturday night’s Argos-Riders game at MSAT. (Globe and Mail) What was first called a concussion was later ruled a ‘stinger’ or a neck-nerve injury, after the Argos’ backup quarterback Cody Pickett was also injured. The surprising thing was that the Argos didn’t dress their third-string quarterback – he was on the sidelines in civilian clothes. Not dressing the third string is something the Argos and no other CFL team does – and the Argos save only about $2K a game to do this. Are the Toronto Argonauts that brokie, or is head coach Bart (Count Floyd) Andrus that stupid?

5 UPDATE THAT … I guess they are that broke.
The Argos are up for sale. (Globe and Mail)

6 WHITWORTH ALREADY POSTED THIS BUT HERE'S ANOTHER LINK Did Canadian military police in Afghanistan hand over prisoners to the Afghan army and police, knowing full well that those prisoners would be tortured? That would be illegal under international law.
Here’s a look at how far Stephen Harper and defense minister Peter Van Loan have gone to make sure we Canadians don’t find out. (Impolitical).

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