Six In The Morning

Ever have one of those mornings where half the websites you visit take a minute or more to load, and you're trying to get work done, and it's really slowing you down and making it tough to stay focused on what you need to get done? yeah. Me too!


1 DO CANADIANS REALLY WANT THIS? So what, we're going all Tory now (Globe And Mail)? Is it because Ignatieff (yes yes yes I know he was in town yesterday but that's not relevant) seems like a desperate, power-hungry phony, Layton's a wiener and we can't vote for Duceppe? So what, we want a majority government run by Conservative politicians who interfere in public inquiries, love military adventures, appear to despise the public sector, attack the arts, hate the CBC, are hostile to refugees, CANCELLED OUR FREAKING PUBLIC DAYCARE PROGRAM, have historically opposed gay rights, will probably screw up public health care, have contempt for science and the environment, and love to use overheated rhetoric to demonize their opponents? (um, cough.)

Have voters gone bananas? A majority Conservative government would probably do irreparable damage to our country. Could you please, please, PLEASE reconsider?

2 SASK PATIENT FIRST REVIEW RELEASED Here's the news. My thoughts later. Still traumatized by polls. (CJME)

3 IT'S A START Missed this one a few days ago. Sorry about that guys. The federal, provincial and Regina governments are building a bare-bones 40-unit complex for Reginans with mental health issues or/and addictions. It's hoped it will be ready in 2011. (Leader-Post)

4 TURNS OUT IT'S NOT OKAY TO COVER UP BRUTAL RAPES If American companies try to stop their employees from taking legal action after they're drugged, raped and beaten by co-workers--which is how Haliburton handled the case of employee Jamie Leigh Jones after she was brutalized--they will be barred from receiving defence contracts. Thank you, Senator Al Franken. (Guardian)

5 HARPER COULDN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH The prime minister (the one we want to give our country to) was told about Canadian-captured prisoners being tortured but didn't believe it. (Toronto Star)

6 TERROR IN PAKISTAN Militants murder people, blow stuff up, generally prove they're a bunch of thugs. Here's the link. Yuck. (CBC)

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