Public Money, Tory Cheques

The Conservatives have been busted for putting their logo on oversized government cheques (used for photo opportunities). Obviously, that's a big no-no. But get a load of this:

Opposition politicians are also convinced that the Conservatives are flowing government stimulus disproportionately to Tory-held ridings. An investigation this week by the Halifax Chronicle Herald appears to bolster that suspicion. The paper reported that more money – $162-million – is being spent in the three ridings held by Conservatives in Nova Scotia than in the province's other eight ridings put together. The $87.7-million that Defence Minister Peter MacKay's riding of Central Nova received exceeded that of all five Liberal-held ridings combined.

The Globe and Mail has the story here. So, just to double "check" (ha ha), this is the party going up in the polls, right?

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