Pick of the Day: On the Ice of Labrador

Presented by New Dance Horizons, On the Ice of Labrador is the latest creation of Montreal Danse. It was choreographed by Sarah Chase, who I had the pleasure of interviewing on a bitterly cold January day in 2004 when she was in Regina to present Mapping/Portraits.

As a choreographer, Chase is very narrative driven. In this work, says the press release from Montreal Danse, she weaves seven different stories into a biographical tapestry. Themes explored by the dancers, who interact with each other in various configurations, include aviation, music, death, disease and loss of memory due to Alzheimer's.

On the Ice of Labrador runs tonight and tomorrow night at the Conexus Arts Centre (Shumiatcher Room) at 8 p.m. Here's a brief video clip from an April performance of the work in Montreal. (YouTube)

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