Public Broadcaster Helps Private Media

So the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation now has a cash-for-content sharing agreement with the National Post. This sucks. And it's an example of just how beaten-up our national broadcaster is under Stephen Harper's Conservative government, who are even worse CBC-bashers than the Liberals were. Canada doesn't need its national broadcaster, which politicians already love to starve for funding, bailing out an alleged news company that caters to right-wing delusions like "there's no climate change" (Ross McKitrick) and "cowardly war protestors are as bad as doctor murderers" (Lorne Gunter). Both those examples are from today's National Post, by the way.

Instead, the CBC needs its funding increased so it can do its job for all of us. This funding also needs to be at arm's length so that politicians can't launch self-serving attacks on its finances--my understanding is this is the BBC model. And the CBC SHOULD NOT be working with private media companies famous for abusing their monopoly power to bring right-wing bias/factual errors/hatred to news coverage.

I'm a patriotic Canadian and I want my CBC working for all Canadians. Not private media companies.

This is ridiculous. This is scandalous. This is reprehensible. This is EVIL.


UPDATE: llustration added--an artist's interpretation of the deal with CBC executive vice-president Richard Strusberg on your left and a Slavering Minion of Hell (representing the National Post) on the (cough) right.

UPDATE 2: CanWest is selling its papers? What? (Globe And Mail)


Emmet Matheson said...

Well what does it need papers for when it has CBC's content?

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