Pick of the Day: Capitalism: A Love Story

I admit to a certain amount of ambivalence concerning Michael Moore. I think, on occasion, he does bends the facts to buttress his position and heighten the entertainment value of his films. He doesn't produce documentaries as much as semi-balanced agit-prop. And he is a bit of a boorish loud mouth. But so what?

The neo-conservative right these days, especially in the U.S., is being driven by the looney fringe. People who feel no compunction about making wildy inaccurate and inflammatory statements to attack and demean anyone who doesn't share their selfish and soul-destroying outlook on life. If you believe in the inherent value of rational thought and reasoned debate how do you possibly relate to the venom these morons spew? But Moore is down with the way they operate, and isn't afraid to mix it up with them on their terms, and call them on their bullshit beliefs and actions.

Neither does he shy away from controversial issues. Guns. Health Care. Corporate Malfeasance. Right-Wing Terror Tactics. And now capitalism itself. Here's the trailer for his latest film Capitalism: A Love Story (YouTube) which opens tonight.

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Pat said...

Caught the premiere of this at the Galaxy last night -- really exceptional. The only problem with Moore's movie (from my point of view anyway) is that he's such a gifted entertainer and his films are structured so well that the critical-thinking part of my brain tends to shut off and just go along for the ride. I think he tends to reaffirm people's existing beliefs more than he does change minds, but he's also really skilled at boiling up your blood, really stoking your anger if you even remotely share your point of view.

And approaching the issue from a Christian perspective is a stroke of genius. That might be the best way to brooch "the evils of capitalism" with middle America.