Candidate Profiles: Who's Running for Catholic School Board

To date, we've looked at the Public School Board race, the city council race and the mayoral race. Now, finally, we take a look at the candidates running for Regina's Catholic School Board.

The Catholic board, incidentally, runs on an at-large system as opposed to a ward system, so the seven people who get the most votes out of the nine running will become board members.

After going over the profiles, it turns out that for some strange reason, it's only in the Catholic School Board race that we have candidates who identify themselves as Spocks -- up until now, we've been awfully Kirk and Scotty heavy. Also, the Catholic Board boasts what I consider the best selection of arch enemies, including Father Time, the Borg and Satan. To find out who picked what, read on....

says he is running for re-election because children represent the future and deserve the best preparation possible. Read Jerry' complete profile.

says she is running for re-election because she wants to advocate for Catholic education and maintain its distinctiveness. Read Vicky's complete profile.

says he is running because education has been a life-long passion. Read Gerald's complete profile.

JOHN STEVENSON says he is running because he believes in the importance of quality, Catholic education, and that the Catholic school system should not be taken for granted. Read John's complete profile.

RICK TURCHENEK says he is running for re-election because he has the skills and abilities to address the challenges the board will face in the future. Read Rick's complete profile.

BERT YAKICHUK says he is running because he is concerned about the long-term viability of quality Catholic education. Read Bert's complete profile.

We are still hoping to get profiles from Robert Bresciani, Donna Ziegler and Frank Fiacco. When we do, we'll post them.

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