Six In The Morning

In case anyone's wondering, Saskatoon's just fine. People are happy, they're filling the pubs, they're smashing glasses and making their poor servers cry. All in all it's a regular carnival of parrr-taaay. Also, beware of downtown clothing stores, they may hurt your credit card. Owie.


NO-SMOKING RIDES Province is considering banning smoking in cars with children and smoking on outdoor patios. Hard to argue with the first, but the second? Hmmm. Any of you smokers have opinions on this? (CBC)

PROMOTING THE CITY OR STEALTH CAMPAIGNING? Mayoral contender Jim Elliott criticizes Mayor Pat Fiacco for participating in the Bon Jovi concert announcement. (Leader-Post)

CANADA SHIPS PREGNANT WOMAN TO HER DEATH Here's a horrible story that's a good reminder of why refugee claims need to be taken seriously. Notable quote: "On Tuesday, Parliament's citizenship and immigration committee voted 6-5 to establish an appeal division to hear the cases of failed refugee claimants. All five Conservative MPs voted against it." (Toronto Star)

AMERICA, ALBERTA AND THE TARSANDS The United States is sending mixed messages about Alberta's money-making, civilization-threatening oil sands project. Here's a report from late last week. (Globe and Mail)

ACCUSED MASS-MURDERING SON OF A BITCH BOYCOTTS HIS TRIAL Eat shit and die, Radovan Karadzic. (Guardian)

AFTER REFORM The New York Times' Paul Krugman writes about his country after health care reform becomes law. Good piece! (New York Times)

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