Candidate Profiles: Who's Running for Mayor?

For the latest prairie dog, we got the candidates in October 28's municipal election to fill out Candidate Questionnaires, in which they had to answer such hard-hitting questions as "Which Star Trek character are you?" and "What's your totem animal?" (Oh, don't worry. We grilled them on the issues, too.) Unfortunately, due to space contraints, we weren't able to run every answer we received and we weren't able to run profiles for candidates in the school board races.

As a result over the next few days, we'll be posting the candidates' complete profiles here, on the dog blog. Tomorrow we'll post the profiles for candidates running for spots on city council. Sunday, we'll tackle the two school board races. But today, we'll take a look at the three people running for the job of mayor....

JIM ELLIOTT says he's running for mayor because the current council isn't doing enough for marginalized people and for the environment. He's reading Less Law and Order by Irwin Waller and his totem animal is the Owl. Read his complete profile.

PAT FIACCO says he's running for reelection as mayor because he wants to see continue the work council's been doing to make Regina affordable, safe and environmentally sustainable. He says the Star Trek character he resembles is Captain Kirk (they both have great hair) and he's reading a tonne of reports. Read his complete profile.

LINDA WHITE says she's running for mayor because she wants to raise awareness about how difficult it is to find affordable, safe housing in Regina. She says in Regina City Hall: the Movie, the part of Linda White should be played by Julia Roberts and her totem animal is the eagle. Read her complete profile.

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