Michael Moore: Jesus Was A Socialist

In a column posted this a.m., Michael Moore points out the contradictions between Christian values and American social and political reality:

I have come to believe that there is no getting around the fact that capitalism is opposite everything that Jesus (and Moses and Mohammed and Buddha) taught. All the great religions are clear about one thing: It is evil to take the majority of the pie and leave what's left for everyone to fight over. Jesus said that the rich man would have a very hard time getting into heaven. He told us that we had to be our brother's and sister's keepers and that the riches that did exist were to be divided fairly. He said that if you failed to house the homeless and feed the hungry, you'd have a hard time finding the pin code to the pearly gates.

I guess that's bad news for us Americans. Here's how we define "Blessed Are the Poor": We now have the highest unemployment rate since 1983. There's a foreclosure filing once every 7.5 seconds. 14,000 people every day lose their health insurance.

Full thing here. (Huffington Post)

And Americans are concerned that there are so many atheists nowadays. Well guys, don't be surprised that the hypocrisy, stupidity, insanity and general viciousness of your nasty little fairy tales are offputting to those of us who value decency. But hey, give us a call when you finally get this "though shalt not kill" thing figured out.

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Pat said...

Incidentally that's nearly the entire thrust of his new movie as well.

Spoiler alert!