Pick of the Day: Tuesdays With Morrie

Through movies like I Love You, Man and Pineapple Express the term "bromance" has entered the popular lexicon. I wouldn't put this Jeffrey Hatcher and Mitch Albom-penned memoir in the same homosocial category. But it does concern male bonding. It's just that instead of being two horn-dogs out on one last toot before one of them gets married or whatever other salacious plot contrivance the screenwriter/director/producer opted for to pique audience interest, the male protagonists here are an elderly Chicago sociology professor named Morrie Schwartz and a former student of his named Mitch who reconnects with his mentor after happening to catch him being interviewed on Nightline one night.

Directed by Andrew North, and starring Richard Binsley as Morrie and Geoffrey Whynot as Mitch, Tuesdays With Morrie opens on the Globe Theatre's main stage tonight. It runs until March 6, and is one hour and twenty minutes long with no intermission.

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