Whaaat? Some People In The Green Party Want Elizabeth May Gone?

Really? Are you serious? Seriously serious? (Leader-Post)

May delivered what, 10 per cent of the Canadian vote last election? Ditch her and the party's dead. Stupid, stupid, eco-creatures!

UPDATE: Here are some actual, real numbers. The Green party received 6.8 per cent of the popular vote in the fall 2008 election. Almost seven out of every 100 Canadian voters cast a ballot for the Greens. And the party has seen its support increase since then--according to a Jan. 14 EKOS poll they had the support of 11.9 per cent of voters (CBC). This party would have members in the house of commons if it wasn't for Canada's rigged electoral system.


Anonymous said...

More like 6.7% of the vote at a cost of $3.5 million which the party is still paying off. It cost her $2 million to get an extra 2% over 2006.

Paul Dechene said...

And that would be the largest jump in popular support for any party over 2006. While spending, what?, maybe a fifth of the money the NDP had (let alone what the Liberals and Conservatives dropped on that election). Sounds like a bargain to me.

Anonymous said...

I would love to vote Green but in this system it is pointless, unless by some miracle you live in a riding where the Liberals and NDP don't run anyone, leaving just the Cons and a Green.