Snowy Six For The Afternoon

1 WE CAN HAZ SNOW? Yes we can. Too much snow actually. Oh noes! (infantile language courtesy the pernicious LOLcats meme, and yes, I haz been infected, and no, dere iz no cure.) (CBC)

2 ANTI-ROGUE Lots and lots of Canadians protested against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's pestilent prorogue this weekend. This story estimates Regina's rally had 200 people; I'd guess 250-300 but I'm no expert on crowd counts. (There's between 40-50 faces in that picture so, if that's a quarter of the crowd, which it could be, then yes it'd be about 200 people. I suppose.) (CBC

3 PROROGUE PRECEDENT HAS BEEN SET Political journalist Chantal H├ębert reviews the Prime Minister's three prorogues and writes about what they mean for the future. (Toronto Star)

4 500,000 UNEMPLOYED CANADIANS RUNNING OUT OF TIME Employment Insurance benefits are set to expire for half a million Canadians but the job market hasn't recovered. This could be discussed in the House Of Commons and maybe urgent action could be taken but, oh yeah, Stephen Harper prorogued government. (Canadian Press/Winnipeg Free Press)

5 CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT ACCUSED OF PUNISHING WHISTLE-BLOWER Richard Colvin, the diplomat who says Ottawa ignored his warnings that Canadian-captured prisoners would be tortured by Afghanistan security, says he's been punished for speaking out. The Afghanistan detainee scandal is believed to be the main reason the Conservatives prorogued government earlier this this month. (Globe And Mail)

6 MORE TROUBLE AT FIRST NATIONS UNIVERSITY Saskatchewan's education minister wants to meet with University of Regina officials to talk about the First Nations University of Canada, which supposedly paid out thousands to administrators inappropriately. Check out the L-P story here. More on Dog Blog this afternoon, and of course in Thursday's prairie dog. (Leader-Post)

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