Six in the Morning

1. GLACIERS MELT AT HISTORIC RATES: An IPCC scientist may have exaggerated the rate at which the the Himalayan glacier is melting, but that's only one glacier. Seems all the rest of them are shrinking much too quickly. (Guardian)

2. IRAQ WAR ILLEGAL: The UK's top government lawyer says the war against Iraq was illegal. Well, duh. Next thing, they'll be telling us it was started over oil. (Guardian)

3. NO VEILS IN FRANCE: A French parliamentary report is calling for a ban on veils in public spaces. (Globe and Mail)

4. MMMMMM! PETA PIE: You know, it's been a long while since I've heard about a good pie-ing. Not sure if the fisheries minister would be my first choice to get a pastry face blast. But hey, a Conservative with pie in the face! Works for me. (Globe and Mail)

5. BAD IDEAS OF THE DAY: Last week, I heard they were planning to remake Mannequin. Now, word on the street is Weekend At Bernie's is about to get the reboot treatment. WHY, GOD? WHY? (Moviehole)

6. GIN + EARL GREY? REALLY? Blending tea and gin? Madness? Or mad genius? (Guardian)

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Dakota said...

Oh PETA, you may make us vegan-types look like a bunch of extremists, but you sure do know comedy.