Six In The Morning

1 CHANGE OF HEART Roughrider's general manager Eric Tillman pleads guilty to a summary charge of sexual assault after pleading not guilty last year. Apparently Tillman told the victim's family he can't remember what happened because he was on painkillers. (Globe And Mail)

2 SECURITY SCARE Passengers flying into the United States from countries including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and Algeria will be subject to gropey-pokey lookie-peepy inspections at American airports. Oh, and Cuba's on the list because we all know what an al-Qaeda hotbed that is. (Guardian)

3 TODAY IN PHALLIC SYMBOLS Dubai opens the worlds tallest tower. (New York Times)

4 OF DOWNTOWN, GARBAGE, SPORTS AND BUSES L-P City Hall writer Joe Couture recaps four plans shaping Regina.

5 DEMENTIA BOOM Canada could have one and a quarter million sufferers within 30 years. Not fun. (CBC)

6 A FACEBOOK GROUP PROROGUES ALL Mmm-hmmm. Looks like this group's been busy keeping everything prorogued since fall 2008. Can I prorogue work this week until Thursday? (Facebook)

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