Pick of the Day: Avatar

We don't have 3-D capacity here at Dog Blog, but we're working on it. Certainly, it's a revoluntionary technology that has taken the movie indstry by storm in recent years. To give you a sense of what it's like, just lift your eyes from the screen for a sec and look at what's around you. That, in a nutshell, is what viewing a 3-D movie is like. And you don't even have to wear special glasses to experience it. Nor shell out $10 or so. Neat, eh?

Of course, the view you just took in probably can't compare with what star director James Cameron offers up here. So by all means check this flick out. Shane Hnetka, prairie dog's movie listings guy has seen it, and he apparently thought it was pretty good; same with prairie dog's editor Stephen Whitworth. Here's a link to the Dec. 20 post he did (Dog Blog). Jorge though, had a different opinion. Here's a link to a Jan. 3 post he did trashing the flick. (Dog Blog) Finally, here's a link to the trailer (YouTube)

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