Pick of the Day: Volcanoless in Canada

As it happens, Canada is not volcanoless. True, there are no volcanoes currently erupting in our fair land, but according to National Resources Canada there is evidence of three volcanic eruptions in the last few hundred years. And numerous other volcanos could potentially erupt in the near future. Before everyone freaks out, keep in mind that we're talking geological timeframes here, so "near future" could mean hundreds of years down the road.

Most volcanos in Canada, as you might expect, are located in belts like the Garibaldi and Wrangell on the west coast. Many are less than five million years old, so still have plenty of life left in them. Then there's the threat posed by nearby American volcanos in Alaska and the Pacific north-west. Mount Baker, for instance, at an elevation of 3285 m, is an active Washington State volcano located less that 100 km southeast of downtown Vancouver. It blows, things could get pretty messy for residents of VanCity.

But enough geology. Tonight at O'Hanlon's Pub the Saskaton-based quintet Volcanoless in Canada is performing a free gig. Here's video of them doing their song "Tiptoes" at Cameron House in Toronto in 2008. Backing them up at O'Hanlon's are the Regina band Tinsel Trees.

Also on tap tonight is a show by Val Halla at the Gaslight Saloon. Fronted by former Reginan Val McLeod (who was featured in prairie dog's Dec. 31 My Music) the band is expected to hit the stage around 10 p.m. Here's a link to an earlier Blog post I did on Val.

And if your taste runs a little more retro, Canuck rock legends Lighthouse are at Casino Regina tonight.

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