Friday Afternoon Kitty: Special Bad Tiger Edition

Tigers have been getting a bad rap in the media in Canada lately. In October, a tiger at the Calgary zoo named Vitali dined on drunks' arms (an after-hours zoo treat). Last week, a tiger at an exotic animal farm got rid of his keeper once and for all. There are all kinds of bad tigers, from the Tamil Tigers to you-know-who. (Rwoar!)

Our bad tiger of the day pick is Kenny, who lives at a sanctuary in Arizona. White tigers (the kind that usually eat ambiguously gay Vegas celebrity duos) are actually not a type of tiger, but descendants of one poor white male tiger named Mohan who was forcibly bred with his daughter Radha in 1951. The inbreeding has gone on to produce thousands of animals, which populate zoos and Vegas shows and large cat rescues. Inbreeding is never a good idea. Many are deformed (and subsequently destroyed). Kenny is mentally retarded; his siblings have knock knees and breathing problems.

Apologies for the hootenanny music, and for anything it implies. To Kenny, I mean.

UPDATE: prairie dog called for an update on poor Vitali, the drunk-eatin' Calgary Zoo tiger. We're happy to report that Vitali is just fine: no injuries to his mouth or paws, and no repercussions for the attack.

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Vanda Schmockel said...

Otherwise known as "cousin fucking music". Which in this case, I guess, applies. How awful.