This Week at City Hall

Monday, December 21
City Council (5:30 pm): It's a long agenda but a few items stand out. Chief among those, executive committee has recommended that the city's Tag Day bylaw be repealed and a report be prepared on how better to regulate panhandling in the city.

Council will also be considering a $190,000 expenditure to accomodate the 2011 Ford World Men's Curling Championship in Regina. The City Housing Incentives policy will be looked at, and the way it grandfathers projects covered by older incentive plans will be examined. Administration is recommending approval for a plan to reduce the cost of disposal of Auto Shredder Residue at the landfill to nothing during summer months (that's just on the first 30 tonnes a day delivered, mind). Also to be looked at is the annual community investment allocation (just over $4 million this year); an eastward expansion of the Wascana Centre Authority jurisdiction; a cost sharing agreement with the RCMP for the 11th Avenue bridge reconstruction; the 2010 Local Improvement Program; and a request to go ahead with a development in Harbour Landing that would be higher density than originally planned.

As this is the last council meeting of 2009, various boards and bodies will be putting forward their board memberships for the new year. This includes all the committees that councillors will be sitting on. Here's a breakdown of who'll be on the committees that get a lot of attention on this blog:
  • Community and Protective Services Committee: Findura, Hutchinson, Murray, O'Donnell, Szarka.
  • Finance and Administration Committee: Browne, Bryce, Fougere, Hincks, Murray.
  • Public Works Committee: Browne, Bryce, Clipsham, Findura, Hutchinson.
  • Regina Planning Commission: Fougere, O'Donnell, Szarka.
The complete council agenda can be downloaded on the city's website.

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