Six In The Morning

1 HANG UPS Saskatchewan RCMP to crack down on cell phone use while driving, starting...now! (CBC)

2 MORE ON THAT FLAWED U.S. HEALTH CARE DEAL No public option. No abortion in conservative jurisdictions. Yet this is still a landmark deal? Welcome to America. (Globe And Mail)

3 CANADA MET WITH RED CROSS IN 2006 What did the Red Cross tell Canada about Afghan prisoners? We don't know. Did they warn Canada that transferred prisoners were being tortured? We don't know. (Toronto Star)

4 LISTEN TO LISA The Simpsons might shape viewers' nuclear power views, says a professor with an eye for the obvious. (CBC/Canadian Press)

5 GREEN VIBRATIONS Liberal MP and doctor Carolyn Bennett says Canadians deserve non-toxic sex toys. Dog Blog salutes you, Dr. Bennett. (Globe and Mail)

6 "DON'T BRING A GUN TO A SNOWBALL FIGHT" I bet a certain snowball fight-hating Washington, D.C. cop is going to get coal in his stocking this Christmas. (Washington City Paper) And hopefully, long-term administrative leave and counselling.


Snowballs vs. gun!

Fun again!

(Note to snowballers: in a situation like this chanting funny slogans is good. Saying "fuck you pig"? Prrrobably not the best idea. Besides unneccessarily escalating the conflict, it makes you sound like an asshole instead of a friendly, playful snow elf.)

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