Six In The Morning

1 THERE WILL BE BLOOD Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty wants to go after the deficit by cutting the crap out of government. (Toronto Star) The move should please non-thinking, small-government fetishists and right-wing loons but it's guaranteed bad news for regular Canadians. Here's a different idea: instead of always cutting taxes for the wealthy, raise 'em to a sustainable level.

2 MORE SNOW'S A-COMIN' The peacful scene out my window is apparently tying to trick me into lowering my guard--more snow is expected this morning. I'll be ready for you, snow. You just wait and see. (The Weather Network)

3 NOT OUR PROBLEM The prime minister says it's not Canada's fault the Afghanistan POWs we captured got allegedly tortured. (Globe And Mail). And I suppose it's not his government's fault that repeated warnings from diplomats and possibly the Red Cross (which met with Canadian offcials and hinted it expressed torture concerns) were ignored. And it's also not his government's fault that it's boycotting the Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan. Yeah, whatever.

4 DON'T BLAME OBAMA A journalist who was present at negotiations says China, not the U.S., sabotaged Copenhagen. (Guardian)

5 CRACKBERRY WHACKBERRY Service disruptions explained as "an unintended database issue within the Blackberry infrastructure." (PC magazine) Ooh-kay. But somewhere, my blackberry addict friend Heather is rocking in a corner muttering "it's all right, it's all right."

6 GOOD Forget to post this yesterday: On Monday, Regina's hockey and football-jersey-clad City Council repealed the bylaw that was being used to harrass city panhandlers. Well done, councillors. (CBC)

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