Six In The Morning

1 GOVERNMENT BANS GREENPEACE T-SHIRTS So much for freedom of speech. Stephen Harper's Canada fucking sucks. (CBC)

2 WE REALLY DO SUCK Canada faces scorn as it bumbles along in Copehagen summit (Winnipeg Free Press)

3 PROTESTORS PROTEST FUR IN REGINA By being cold, nearly naked and sexy. (CBC)

4 TAX THE BANKS, SAVE THE CLIMATE? Gee, I can't imagine this anti-global warming proposal would be popular with ordinary people... (Guardian)

5 SAFETY INSPECTOR FIRED BY PROVINCE Claims all she wanted was safer prisons. (Leader-Post)

6 OTTAWA LETS FURRINNERS--FURRINNERS!--INTO CANADA'S PRIVATE CELL PHONE PARTY Not an expert but I bet this is one of those stories where absolutely everyone is the bad guy. (Toronto Star)

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