Monckton Calls Protesters Crazed Hitler Youth

This bit of coverage of the Copenhagen Climate Conference is a couple days old, but here's some video of protesters who crashed an event put on by the Americans For Prosperity -- that'd be one of those groups of climate cranks and deniers in Copenhagen trying to sabotage any constructive work being done. Speaker Christopher Monckton -- who visited Regina earlier this year -- is shown on tape calling the protesters "crazed Hitler Youth."

Notice how poorly attended this denier event is by actual deniers. The vast majority of the audience is protesters. Goes to show how out in the cold this gang's ideas really are.

Anyway, as Kevin Grandia points out over at DeSmogBlog, apparently the potty peer hasn't heard of Godwin's Law as he spends the next day wandering about Copenhagen ambushing young delegates, spouting nonsense at them and again accusing them of being Nazis. (The Jews among them aren't too pleased by the comparison.)

He even goes so far as to calmly explain to one delegate (who's posing as a climate denier) how climate scientists should be rounded up and jailed for fraud.

Don't forget this is the same guy who, back in the 80s, calmly and rationally explained how AIDS patients should also be rounded up and jailed. (He sort of recanted this in one publication by saying, essentially, that there are now too many AIDS sufferers to jail them all.)

I'm happy to see his lunacy exposed so clearly but have to say it's like shooting at bug-eyed mutant fish-creatures in a barrel. Monckton clearly adores the attention. More than any of the A-list climate liars, Monckton's arguments are completely indefensible. It'd be kind of nice if he quit getting so much attention. That'd really hurt the bastard. Talking to him only seems to be making him stronger.

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Martin said...

In recent days the BBC has been looking back at the 20 year anniversary of the fall of communism in Romania. Here are two videos of what became of instatutionalized orphans, some of whom contracted HIV and were further isolated.


I think these videos illustrate why in developing nations institutionalizing people, especially children, without the resources to care for them is not the best defense against HIV/ AIDS. Although this is one country, I imagine similar results could have occured if developing nations had attempted isolation and institutionalization as the best practice for the AIDS epidemic as Mr Monckton suggests.